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Back to the 80's

31jan01febBack to the 80's@The Spot [Tay Ho]

The Spot Hanoi Event 0131

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Are you one of the A-Team, Airwolf, Knight Rider or more of a Dynasty, Golden Girls or Miami Vice vibe?! Only one way to tell… come sing and dance it Like a Virgin !!!

Birdcage is racing back to the decade of electro’s routes, when luminous leg warmers, head bands and ski jackets were the thing, so dump your pagers, lose your Walkmans, roll up your suit sleeves, slip on those mirrored aviators and back comb those luscious locks coz we going 80s!

Only the fittest Beastie Boys & Girls will be putting on their grooviest collection bringing out nostalgia from the most bodacious, radical era of all times! Check out their bio and soundcloud!

Starting with 70s disco at the Spot from 8 pm and heading to Birdcage after midnight!

|||||| Long Island– 80k before midnight |||||
||||| Open 8 pm to 5 am |||||
||||| Disco Night 80k ond for both venues of 50 for one |||||



January 31 (Friday) 8:00 pm - February 1 (Saturday) 5:00 am


The Spot [Tay Ho]

238 Âu Cơ, Quảng An, Tây Hồ, Hà Nội, Vietnam