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Covivac vaccine to cost 60,000 VND per dose



Picture By VnExpress

The Institute of Vaccines and Medical Biologicals (IVAC) has said that the Covivac vaccine can counteract the new varieties of Covid-19. The institute will charge 60,000 VND for a dose of Covivac, according to VN Express.

The Vietnamese Health Minister stated that the vaccine could potentially defeat the virus based on preclinical research.

Covivac was developed using chicken embryo technology. The same method was used to make vaccines for the flu and H5N1 virus. According to the director of IVAC, Covivac is effective on both the British and the South African varieties of Covid-19.

The institute has produced 6 million doses and they expect to increase it to 30 million within a year. Since IVAC has both the government and international funding, they are capable of providing Covid-19 vaccine at the price of 60,000 VND

IVAC is looking forward to to starting clinical tests in March. Besides IVAC, Vabiotech and Nanogen Biopharmaceutical are also preparing to launch their Covid-19 vaccines.

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