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Hanoi schools to close 1 more week



Schools Closed Further Week

Hanoi’s schools from, kindergartens to high schools, will remain closed until at least March 8, according to Chairman of the City’s People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung, Vietnam News has reported.

Chung said the goal was to avoid human-to-human transmission across the city, but be ready for different scenario,s and to be prepared for the worst.

The city’s international schools can re-open if they have been confirmed as safe and parents give consent.

 “International schools’ term dates are closely related to those in foreign countries, we have agreed for them to resume all activities from March 2,” Chung said.

Throughout the country most other secondary school will open again March 2, though kindergarten schools will stay closed until March 9.

The Ministry of Health has told parents that they should regularly check the temperature and health of their children and not send them to school if they show flu-like symptoms such as difficulty breathing, coughing, fever, in which case they should immediately be taken to hospital

Deaths from the corona virus outbreak have reached almost 3,000 with over 84,000 infected.

Vietnam’s education ministry has already had to adjust the school year until June due to the delays.

The country has had no new reported cases in over two weeks and is widely seen as dealing with the virus well.

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