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Vietnam goes 32 days without community transmission of coronavirus



Chao Hanoi April 2020 1 6

Vietnam has now gone 32 days without a single domestic case of Covid-19 transmission, Vn Express has reported.

The country has had a total of 320 coronavirus cases so far, with 60 “active” cases remaining, the rest having fully recovered after successful treatment in hospital.

Yesterday, two new cases were confirmed, both Vietnamese citizens recently repatriated from Russia.

The last case of community transmission in Vietnam was registered on April 16.

Of Vietnam’s 320 patients, only 140 have been cases of community transmission, the rest being imported. The Ministry of Health has reported that the public do not need to be concerned by the imported cases as such patients are immediately put into quarantine.

The coronavirus has infected over 4.7 million people in over 200 countries and regions worldwide, killing over 316,000.

There have been no deaths in Vietnam so far, though a British pilot in Ho Chi Minh City is in critical condition.

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