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No large-scale social distancing despite new Covid-19 cases



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The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has said that that if Covid-19 spreads in the community, each province shall only isolate high-risk areas and then effectively apply social distancing, according toVN Express.

During a lengthy conference on Wednesday evening, the prime minister specifically ordered every province to not apply large-scale social distancing, for fear it could slow down the economy and the livelihood of citizens again. 

The government will continue to ban unnecessary large events. For those that do continue, attendees must sanitize and wear masks at all times. Events that involve the presence of people coming from abroad, especially those from high risks countries, must be reported to the Ministry of Health, the report said.

For now, citizens must wear masks and sanitize in quarantine facilities, populated areas, supermarkets, schools, public transport stations, factories and airports, etc.

The Ministry of Health reported several new Covid cases in the past few days, all of whom are quarantined at immigration. Vietnam has now had a total 1,358 coronavirus cases.

Image courtesy of  VOV Giao Thông.

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