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Hemiplegic patient in Vietnam can walk again due to acupuncture



An 85-year-old Vietnamese woman who was diagnosed with hemiplegia after a stroke, was able to get up and practice walking after half a month of electroacupuncture, VN Express has reported.

The patient was punctured 30 minutes a day for a month. In just the first two weeks, the patient began to walking again. After the first phase, she could walk with a cane or a wall rail, and conduct her own personal hygiene.

Dr Nguyen Khac Ninh, head of the Stroke and Rehabilitation Department at the Central Acupuncture Hospital in Hanoi, said there were many methods that could help restore the functions of hemiplegic patients. In traditional medicine, acupuncture is the main method. Acupuncture employs needles to prick pressure points on the human body. An acupuncture point is a place for the air to move in and out of the body. Each side of the human body has around 300 points, according to the technique.

Modern medicine combines acupuncture needles with an electric current into what is called electromagnetism, which is more effective than traditional acupuncture and helps patients with hemiplegia recover more quickly.

Along with acupuncture, hemiplegic patients are given with acupressure massage, water acupuncture, and practice exercises to increase mobility.

Hemiplegia is a condition caused by brain damage or spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis on a single side of the body.

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