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Sharing Circle: Fear of Intimacy

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0307 Fear Of Intimacy

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The word intimacy stems from the Latin word “intimus” which means “innermost”. To be intimate with someone means to share your innermost with that person.

Intimacy is what you look for in a romantic relationship but it does not happen naturally for everyone. Fearing intimacy and avoiding closeness are the norm of 17% adults. Many of you can relate to how confusing and even infuriating you feel dismissed and shut down when you try to get close to the people you love. If you are an avoidant person, you may feel equally confused by your partner’s unreasonable emotional need. The questions that often arise surrounding the fear of intimacy are:

What if he/she betrays me?
What if he/she hurts me?
What if I lose myself in this relationship?
Can I trust this person?
Would I have the freedom I need?
Why does he/she never disclose his/her deep feelings?
Why do I always find a way to sabotage the relationship even when it is progressing?
Why does he/she not respond passionately to my romantic gestures?

If you are looking for answers for these questions or just want to learn more about relationship and how to build a healthy one, you are welcome to our cozy sharing circle hosted by Douglas Holwerda and Lannah Nguyen. In a safe and open-minded space, we will explore the nature of the fear of intimacy and we can help ourselves and/or our partners to work through the fear and nurture great bond for your relationship.


Time: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM | Friday, July 3rd, 2020
Venue: Hanoi Social Club | No. 6, Hoi Vu Street, Hanoi
Fee: Free entry with voluntary appreciation donation

Participation limitation: Due to the limited capacity of the venue, we will only send the invitation to 20 people with earliest registration

Language: English only
Registration link: https://forms.gle/MgyX4Wjf6hUL1czg6



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Hanoi Social Club [Hoan Kiem]

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