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[Review] Lang Thang Bar & Coffee: a hidden Hanoi gem



Lang Thang Bar Truc Bach Chao Hanoi 6

Lang Thang is about as boutique as a bar gets. Tucked away between two beautiful lakes on the trend-setting “island” that is Truc Bach, the ambience and decor here is second-to-none. Lang Thang –we are told — means the “deep introspection of freely wandering.” But if you come across this delightful little bar you are unlikely to want to wander anywhere at all, such are its charms.

Lang Thang Bar Truc Bach Chao Hanoi 5

The menus here are hand-drawn and encased in small leather wallets, and there are dark green Vietnam War-era ammunition trunks forming makeshift tables outside. Though it is cozy and the bar itself tiny, they serve an impressive range of coffee, beers, and cocktails, all made with considerable attention.

Lang Thang Bar Truc Bach Chao Hanoi 1

Despite all the pitch-perfect customized touches, the drinks here are surprisingly good value, and excellently made considering the price, e.g. White Russians at 60,000 VND, Margaritas 70,000 and Pina Coladas 80,000. In fact, it is not difficult to find places in Hanoi that will charge you double the price for similar quality drinks. Chàos favorite was the cinnamon-y Apple Pie cocktail, which we could smell from across the room as it was being made. If you are really on a budget, try a cold bottle of the local Truc Bach beer for just 25,000 VND.

Lang Thang Bar Truc Bach Chao Hanoi 2

The bar is a healthy mix of Vietnamese and foreigners, and the lengthy opening hours mean it is a sweet spot to while away an afternoon with a book, or a fine place for something a touch more lively in the evening. Lang Thang does nothing other than impress. Recommended.

Lang Thang Bar Truc Bach Chao Hanoi 4

8b Lac Chinh Street, Truc Bach Lake, Ba Dinh
+84 (0) 97 479 50 67
9.30 a.m.-midnight

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