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[Review] Bao Wow: a bar with plenty of bite

A spot to leave you howling for more



Bar and restaurant Bao Wow opened just over a year ago and has seen a steady flow of customers ever since – and with good reason. Offering a twist on the traditional Vietnamese Banh bao, they offer a variety of toothsome foods and drinks, including a solid selection of vegetarian and gluten-free options, all reasonably priced.

Bow Wow Hanoi 2

Located in a quaint alley in Tay Ho, Bao Wow stay opens until midnight (see the end for details). It is a perfect drop-in spot for some casual late-night eats. Take a load off on their bar stools or in their cushy booths, enjoy the graffiti, and kick back under the yellow, purple and blue lights, which cast a trendy unpretentious glow. Many minor details make Bao Wow pop, such as the cucumber water and miniature bottles of mosquito spray on every table.

Bow Wow Hanoi 1

The whole place feels like you are hanging out in the rustic backyard of your chill yet hipsterish friend’s house. This is amplified with a dog-friendly policy and great service from approachable staff.

Choose between six unique and savory types of bao: dirty bird (a fried chicken delight), Korean galbi (complete with kimchi), or the delectable skinny or falafel bao for those of a vegetarian bent. Tasty sides include Cajun fries with spicy mayo, original or kung pao popcorn chicken, garlic edamame, and a house salad made from a medley of crunchy vegetables, with a sweet sesame soy dressing.

Bow Wow Hanoi 3

An assortment of flavorful cocktails will have you buzzing: from the succulent hibiscus whiskey sour to the popular pomegranate bellini. They have an array of beers and wines, including 1 liter and 2 liter Nada bombs to share among friends. If you’re looking for something non-alcoholic, try the homemade hibiscus lemonade. For those feeling devilish, perhaps finish off your night with a heavenly cinnamon bun served with a hot chocolate dip. From delicious food to exquisite drinks, the cool atmosphere at Bao Wow hits the spot every time.

+84 522 122 292
TUESDAY – SUNDAY (closed Mondays)
12pm – 3pm (lunch) & 5pm – 11:30pm (dinner)

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