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Hanoi supermarket shelves empty due to panic buying



Panic Buying

Many supermarkets across Hanoi have empty shelves due to panic buying over the coronavirus outbreak. DTI News has reported that many shops and small markets have run out of food as local people have been bulk buying products so they can self-quarantine in their homes for long periods.

Fruit and vegetable shelves in Cau Giay District in particular have been affected, according to the report.

Heavy rain over Tet (Lunar New Year) led to a decrease in supply which also affected the amount of food on shelves, with many supermarkets almost empty by 10 a.m.

“In order to avoid going to crowded places, I’ve bought enough for the whole family to eat in a week. I bought a lot of vegetables because we all want to eat hot pot after Tet,” Le Thu Trang from Yen Hoa Ward told DTI.

The coronavirus has not only affected Hanoi. News website Kenh14 has reported that many large shopping malls in Ho Chi Minh City have been empty or near empty the last week due to people staying home due to the virus outbreak.

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