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Hanoi buildings undergo strict measures to prevent coronavirus spreading



Hand Sanitizer

Across Hanoi, buildings are taking up strict preventative measures due to the coronavirus threat, according to DTI News.

Fever screening machines, hand washing and sterilization twice an hour are some of the measures being taken.

On Dao Duy Anh Street, individuals who enter the Ocean Park Building are now required to wash their hands, which is located at more than 100 different areas in the building. Only the main gate is open, and anyone going onto the escalator must have their temperature taken beforehand. Technical staff have been working around the clock to sterilize the corridors and escalators. Further to this, 1,200 to 1,400 masks are delivered everyday for workers and customers.

Similarly, on Cua Bac Street at EVN11 building 2,000 staff and customers must have their temperature checked every day. Any individual with a fever is immediately isolated. The screening machines cost hundreds of millions of VND.

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