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Vietnam confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 134



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Vietnam’s Ministry of Health confirmed 11 more cases of Covid-19 on Tuesday night, taking the total number of those infected to 134, DTI News has reported.

A 52-year old man from Brazil living in Ho Chi Minh City is the 124th patient. He visited the city’s Buddha Bar on March 14, and was taken to a quarantine facility on March 22.

The 125th patient is a 22-year-old South African woman also living in HCMC; upon learning that SHE had been to the Buddha bar in mid-March she reported herself to a medical center on March 22. One her friends, a 28-year old man from South Africa, is “Patient 126.”

“Patient 127” is a 23-year-old waiter at Buddha Bar. He came down with a fever on March 16 before attending medical facilities on  March 21.

The 128th patient a 20-year old Vietnamese international student in the U.K., from Hai Phong. He arrived in Hanoi on March 20 from London on flight VN0054 and was diagnosed with the virus on arrival. “Patient 129” is also a 20-year-old international student, who arrived in Hanoi on the same flight.

The 130th patient is a 30-year-old man from Ho Chi Minh City. He arrived in Hanoi from Spain on March 22, though transited in Moscow. “Patient 131” is a 23-year old man from HCMC who arrived on the same route as “Patient 130.”

The 132nd patient is a 25-year old woman from Hanoi who flew from Spain on March 22 on the same flight as the 130th and 131st patient.

The 133rd patient is a 66-year-old woman from Lai Chao province in northern Vietnam, she was diagnosed on March 23 and is in stable condition.

“Patient 134” is a 10-year-old boy from Hanoi. He arrived from Spain on March 18.

Vietnam has reported a total of 116 cases since March 6.

Globally there have now been more than 400,000 confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

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