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15 Hanoi hotels volunteer as quarantine sites



Corona Virus Hanoi Vietnam 03

Since mid-March a total of 15 different hotels across Hanoi have signed up as places to act as quarantine quarters for those suspected of having the coronavirus, according to the city’s tourism department, DTI News has reported.

In total the hotels have nearly 1,450 rooms and 2,900 beds, and all have taken strict precautions such as disinfecting the entire premises, providing hand sanitizer in all public areas and issueing the free distribution of masks to prevent spread of the virus.

The tourism department has said it will work closely with other hotels that may qualify as potential quarantine sites in the next days and weeks.

A total of 1,077 passengers, including 561 foreigners, that landed in Hanoi have travelled on flights carrying people that had contacted the virus, according to government statistics.

Of the foreign passengers, a total of 314 have stayed in 121 hotels in Hanoi, the report said. Eighty-two foreigner are currently being quarantined in hotels across the capital

The coronavirus has now infected over 400,000 people across the globe.

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