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2 Hanoi kids use ‘lucky money’ to send 20,000 face masks to UK



Hanoi Kids Donate Masks

Two children in Hanoi have saved up their “lucky money” from several Tet holidays to donate 20,000 medical masks to the U.K to help in the fight against the coronavirus

The two children, Truong Thi Linh Nhan and Truong Cao Khoi, had their generous gift to Britain sent to the U.K. via a special commercial flight arranged by the British Embassy, which saw 100 British nationals return home last week.

British Ambassador to the UK Gareth Ward sent a letter to Nhan on Khoi thanking them for their help, on April 22. In the letter Ward said that what the children had done was “heartening” and that it made him feel hopeful for the future.

“If everyone plays a part in this fight, I believe we can overcome this pandemic,” he wrote.

The U.K. is currently an epicenter for Covid-19, reporting over 138,000 cases and nearly 19,000 hospital deaths.

Vietnam has been one of the world leaders in battling the coronavirus suffering 268 cases, with no reported deaths.

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