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Vietnam epidemic estimated to peak in next 10 days



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Rooted in Danang and since spread to at least 10 cities and provinces, the current wave of the coronavirus pandemic is expected to peak in the next 10 days, according to Deputy health minister Nguyen Truong Son.

The Ministry of Health strongly urges people to remain alert and strictly adhere to Covid-19 prevention protocols in the coming days, VN Express has reported.

The source of the coronavirus resurgence in Vietnam is still unidentified and under investigation. However, Nguyen Truong Son asserts that the number one priority right now is to detect and trace all cases of community transmission.

It has been harder to effectively trace all the Covid-19 cases in the second wave compared to the first due to the novel strain’s contagious nature. However, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam is striving to not repeat another nationwide social distancing period as the one in April.

The fight against this pandemic has a long way to go, he stressed, it will only end when the world has found a vaccine.

This morning, Vietnam recorded its ninth Covid-19 death, another patient with complicated medical history. The national tally has increased to a total of 717, with 327 ‘active’ cases.  

On average, there is a Covid-19 death every 15 seconds globally, with nearly 19 million confirmed cases.

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