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Over 18,000 Danang returnees skip Covid-19 tests in Hanoi



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Hanoi authorities are urging 18,333 Danang returnees who came back between July 15 and 29 to quickly get tested for Covid-19 at local health facilities, VN Express has reported.

Of the total 72,000 people returning from Danang – the nation’s current Covid-19 hotspot – over 58,000 have received rapid testing using RT-PCR test. 

As of today, 28,000 of them tested negative to the novel virus, with the rest waiting for final results.

Even though the general incubation period is estimated to be 14 days, in certain cases patients can test positive 24-34 days after their last exposure to Covid-19. Also, some cases can be asymptomatic, thus even returnees who have passed their 14-days quarantine are encouraged to get proper testing.

Ho Chi Minh City authorities might pose criminal punishment for the 3,000 returnees who have yet to get tested for the virus.

Since the end of July, the nation has recorded over 500 cases, with 354 in just Danang and 10 in Hanoi.

So far, there have been 25 deaths, all of which had existing medical issues.

Worldwide, 213 countries and territories have registered cases of Covid-19, infecting over 22 million people.

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