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Hanoi residents lowering guard against Covid-19



Corona Virus Hanoi Vietnam 2

Many Hanoi residents are not taking the coronavirus seriously enough, going out to crowded places without wearing masks, and ignoring authorities’ directions on adhering to Covid-19 prevention measures, according to VN Express.

Thousands of people rushed to a popular Tay Ho temple on Aug. 19 to pray to the Mother Goddess as it was the first day of a special lunar month. The size of the crowd was unexpected, given the current Covid-19 crisis.

“I know about the new outbreak but it’s in Da Nang, Hanoi has only a few cases, no worries,” said a temple visitor who was spotted without a mask.

Hanoi officials have since ordered the temporary early closing of the temple at 3 p.m to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Despite orders for all restaurants and cafes to implement strict social distancing measures, many appear lax and less-than-concerned about the rules.

A university student said: “How can we talk and drink if we sit one meter away from each other and wear masks? There are only a dozen cases in Hanoi, we have shown no symptoms nor came in close contact with any Da Nang returnees.”

So far, there’s no imposed citywide social distancing in sight. At the beginning of August, acting PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc stated that local authorities must implement strict prevention measures against the pandemic, but in a way that least impact people’s daily lives and the nation’s economy.

“No semi-lock down, no threats,” said a Hanoi resident.

As of this morning, the nation’s total tally of coronavirus cases has increased to 1,007. Since the resurgence of Covid-19 on July 25, there have been 525 cases linked to the coastal city of Danang city – the country’s epidemic hotspot – and 11 cases in the capital.

Nations around the world are still practicing social distancing rules, as the virus has infected more than 22 million people.

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