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Vietnam confirms 20 more cases of Covid-19



Picture Courtesy By Dantri

The Vietnamese Ministry of Health announced 20 new cases of Covid-19 on Wednesday night, including 19 community cases from Hai Duong, Quang Ninh and Gia Lai, according to Dantri.

In Hai Duong, there are 14 cases, including nine workers in Chi Linh City. The workers are in an isolation facility so they cannot infect the community. Five cases are related to the outbreak in Le Loi District.

Four cases in Quang Ninh are related to cases in the current epicenter, Hai Duong Province. Another case is from Ia Pia of Gia Lai Province.

There are currently 48,829 people in isolation in Vietnam, including 378 cases being treated in hospital, 22,610 in quarantine facilities and 25,841 self-quarantining at home.

Worldwide the coronavirus about 104 million people, killing 2.25 million. Thirty-five people have died from the virus in Vietnam.

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