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Sky Horse Valley

Giang Bui, Ha Son Binh, Vietnam

Originally conceptualized as Gam Troi Valley, newly re-named Sky Horse Valley is the first art valley in South East Asia where people can enjoy the combination of arts and nature. Located in the lush jungle of Hoa Binh, a mere 50km away from Vietnam’s capital, it functions as a hub for both domestic and international artists and travelers, bringing them together through artworks, performances, music, nature, healing arts, retreats, relaxing and adventure. In 2019 we hosted Dao Xuan Chin International Arts Festival, the largest international arts festival to ever take place in Vietnam, drawing over 200 artists and thousands of festival-goers from around the world. After the success of Dao Xuan Chin, we have decided to channel the creative energy already running through the valley into a new project: Sky Horse Valley. The Valley is a transformational art community that offers a variety of events, workshops and retreats that encourage participants to connect more deeply with themselves and the natural world around them. Immerse yourself in the transformative experiences offered at Sky Horse Valley first hand either as a guest, volunteer or a resident artist. No matter where you come from, we are excited to accept your energy and creativity into the valley and hope that you will leave feeling that your mind has been expanded, your body strengthened and your spirit cleansed through the intersection of art, nature, healing and love that is the foundation of Sky Horse Valley.

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