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Farmers see increase in profits over Tet




Farmers are expecting high profits this Tet season, according to Vietnam News. Those growing flowers and trees for the Lunar New Year holiday are set to do particularly well. Farmers in Hai Duong are preparing trees with many already pre-ordered. The price of a single peach tree is set to increase by 20% or 30% this year.

Nguyen Thị Noãn, a farmer in Thach Khoi Commune, said she has grown 500 peach trees and many people had come to purchase them. Her family has been growing peach trees for several years and each Tet they usually make 200 million VND. She said it was a difficult job as some trees took several years to grow.

Nguyen Van Chien, a peach tree grower in Gia Tan Commune, said he had grown 280 peach trees and each would be sold for 600,000 VND. “I had already plucked leaves for peach trees from the eleventh lunar month to ensure that the trees would bloom during Tet,” he said.

The unusual climate this year has made it more difficult for farmers to care for their trees and ensure that they bloom at the correct time.

Local authorities have been promoting the sale of local peach trees to customers nationwide, as well as organizing training classes on growing techniques for farmers.

Flower gardens have also seen an increase in profits, with the most popular flowers being daisies, lilies, sunflowers and cock’s comb. This industry has helped many local farmers escape poverty.

During Tet, Vietnamese buy a variety of flowers and plants to decorate for the festive season. The main plants of Tet are peach blossoms, apricot blossoms and kumquat.

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