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FM: everyone in Vietnam must wear facemasks in crowded areas



Hanoi Virus Masks 2

All people in Vietnam must now wear facemasks in crowded areas to stem the risk of coronavirus, Viet Nam News has reported.

All Vietnamese citizens as well as foreign visitors in Vietnam must wear facemasks in busy areas such as such as at supermarkets, bus terminals, public transport and airports from March 16.

The notice was issued by the Foreign Ministry on Saturday, which also requested that all people traveling from Covid-19 infected areas to keep updated on travel and airline regulation to make sure they have all the necessary documents required for any flights and travel.

For domestic and international flights from, to and within Vietnam all passengers must wear facemasks for the full duration of the flight and when entering and exiting any airports

The ministry has informed all embassies, consuls, diplomatic missions and representative missions of international organizations in the country about the new requirements.

As of Sunday evening, Vietnam has 57 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, including 17 foreign nationals, the report said.

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