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Men do push-ups as forfeit for not wearing face masks



Three men in northern Vietnam were found not wearing face masks last week and so did 30 push-ups to prove their health to traffic police, Vn Express has reported.

The men pulled over on the Hanoi-Bac Giang Expressway and were approached by the traffic wardens for not wearing masks. In Vietnam there is a fine of 100,000 to 300,000 VND (4.25-12.75 U.S. dollars) for not wearing masks, and a video of two of the men “working out” was widely shared by Vietnamese internet users over the weekend.

The head of Bac Giang Province traffic police said his officers has not forced the men to do the push-ups, but the mask-less men requested to do so to prove they were in good health.

He also said that his men refused to take any bribes.

The three men were stopped 60 km northeast of Hanoi when they were taking they were taking some South Korean experts to Van Trung Industrial Park in Viet Yen District for work.

The men claimed there was lots of traffic so they had all decided it best to walk the final leg of the journey, though they should not have parked up where they did.

Alongside being questioned for committing traffic violations they were questioned by traffic wardens for failing to wear protective masks.

The drivers apologized, knocked-out out a quick 30 press-ups and promised they would be more careful in future. They suggested the police film them as proof, the report said.

The traffic department is currently considering how to deal with the traffic officers involved.

Everyone in Vietnam must wear a protective face mask in a public place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, or they run the risk of a fine.

The country also issues fines of up to 8 million VND for parking on expressways, and people doing so also risk having their licenses revoked for up to 4 months.

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