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Hanoi to fine those going outside for non-essential reasons



Hanoi March 2020 12

Authorities in Hanoi are set to fine people who leave their homes for non-essential reasons, Vn Express reported Saturday.

The Chairman of the city Nguyen Duc Chung said that the fines will be implemented for those that violate social-distancing measures.

“Tomorrow we need to intensify inspections, and any case not in a category of those allowed to go outside will be fined,” he said at a Steering Committee on the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 Friday.

It is unclear how officers will determine what are essential and non-essential reasons.

He said the measures were necessary to prevent the coronavirus for spreading throughout the city

Hanoi has been implementing a strict social-distancing campaign since Wednesday, with people asked not go outside except for food, medicine and emergencies

Chung said that according to experts, just 10% of the population ignoring the rules could lead to a 30-60% increase in the infection rate.

“If the wrongdoing is committed by 40% of the population, the distancing will make no difference and have no value,” he said.

Chung made the statement after widespread reports of people ignoring the message and gathering in large groups in public.

Hanoi has recorded 107 cases of coronavirus, with 36 of these cases people flying into the city from infected areas.

Eighty-six of Vietnam’s 239 Covid-19 cases have been discharged from hospital after successful treatment.

The coronavirus has infected more than 1 million people globally in over 200 countries and regions, killing more than 59,000.

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