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Florist creates fresh flower face masks



Redecorating Mask Vietnam

In the era of Covid we have all got used to wearing masks–necessary but spooky looking. But a Vietnamese florist is trying to brighten them up a little by creating masks with fresh cut flowers, the Lost Birds news website has reported.

Tran Huynh Nhat Tan has seen his shop suffer due to the coronavirus, so racked his brain for ideas how he could bring attention to his flowers in a mass mask-wearing age, and so the flower masks were born, images of which have since been widely shared on Vietnamese social media.

To renovate the previously dull looking masks, Tan used various kinds of flowers that could be easily found in Vietnam this season such as roses, lilies or orchids. With a bright blend of colors, the masks are turned into a colorful bouquets of flowers a symbolic meaning behind each style. Red-toned masks represents romance, while white tones represents purity and innocence, and the yellow palette is linked to elegance and grace.

Since uploading his flowery creations on Facebook last week, Tan’s photos have attracted nearly 10,000 interactions with many other people praising his creativity as well as his dexterity for ikebana, or flowerarranging as sane people call it.

As Vietnam is currently locked down, many people have chosen to share inspiring ideas on what to do at home on social media to help others feel stimulated and positive during this difficult time, and it seem people rather like flowers. Who knew?

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