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Vietnam places 88th in global social progress index



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According to the 2020 Social Progress Index made public last week, Vietnam comes out with an average score (68.85 out of 100) and places 88th out of 163 nations worldwide, VN Express has reported.

The report scores Vietnam slightly higher than the global average of 62.24 based on 50 different factors to rate social development and quality of life, in which the three main categories were basic human needs, foundations of wellbeing and opportunity.

Vietnam scores highest with 89.89 points in nutrition.

The nation has the lowest rating in inclusiveness, personal rights and access to advanced education.

Vietnam is behind many of its neighboring countries, such as Singapore (29th place), Malaysia (48th place) and Thailand (79th place). 

Leading the chart is Norway with 92.73 points, followed closely by Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. 

The Social Progress Index measures “what matters to citizens – health care, infrastructure, civil liberties – the very characteristics that are the foundation for sustainable societies.” The report stated that global development is slow and disproportionate.

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