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Director Ngo Thanh Van to create Vietnam’s first superhero film




Actress, producer and director Ngo Thanh Van announced her latest film project on Sept. 28: Vietnam’s very own superhero movie, “Vinaman.” She also released a teaser image of the superhero symbol, causing much stir on social media platforms, VTV has reported.

The female director got her inspiration from the Covid-19 epidemic outbreak, when sighting a volunteer trying to finish a humble lunch in the heat before getting back to work.

“The hero is not the strongest, but the one who sacrifices the most. In our lives, there are so many unsung heroes that were never celebrated. And in Vietnam we need a hero for the kids to look up to,” she said.

Van admits it’s an ambitious and challenging project to bring a Vietnamese brand to the big screen, but she remains optimistic.

The project is currently in the casting process, and is planned for official release in 2021.

Previously, under Studio68, Ngo Thanh Van has also produced “Ngay Nay Ngay Nay,” “Tam Cam,” and the upcoming “Trang Ti.”

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