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Vietnam goes crazy for quarantine pillow challenge



Pillow Dress1

We are all familiar with the comfort of pillows when it comes to bedtime, but a quarantine creativity trend in Vietnam is seeing the humble sleep aid turned into a high-fashion item, Kenh14 has reported

Vietnamese youth have been repurposing large bedtime pillow to create stylish dresses and posing them on social media under the hashtags #quarantinepillowchallenge or #pillowchallenge. As the name suggests, you just need to put on a large pillow with an eye-catching belt to secure it. Mix this up with a few accessories such as matching handbags or a pair of boots and voila, you have got a perfect picture to share on Facebook and Instagram.

Pillow Dress

This latest fashion change is being met with enthusiasm not only in Vietnam but around the world with approximately 50,000 posts on various social media platforms in just a few days, in yet another example of people being creative in quarantine to stop themselves going stir-crazy. “When your pillow becomes your home outfit. Why not?” wrote Vietnamese model Ha Kino on Facebook.

During the ongoing outbreak, fashionistas in Vietnam have shared wild and innovative outfit styles on social media, ranging from flower face masks to pillow dresses. Who knows what will come next?

Pillow Dress3

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