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Another cold wave to hit Northern Vietnam this weekend



Image By Dantri

A new cold wave will come into Vietnam, causing lower temperatures on a broad scale in Northern Vietnam, according to Dantri.

The north will experience a cold snap from Jan. 13. The temperature will be moderate during the afternoons.

Nguyen Huu Thanh, deputy manager of Weather Forecasting Department said that after the strong cold air on Jan. 10-11 causing snowfall in mountainous areas, another cold period would appear around Jan. 17-18. After Jan. 20, Vietnam should expect further cold weather, though not as cold as previously.

The detrimental weather has caused over 500 cattle to die, according to the statistics of the Central Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Control.

In order to prevent more losses in production, the committee proposes locals be updated on weather condition more often. Meanwhile, coastal regions should closely monitor the occurrence of strong winds and large waves at sea.

Facing such harsh weather, Nguyen recommended that mountainous localities continue to implement safety measures for the elderly, children, tourists and students, especially in the high mountains.

People are advised to limit activities in cold weather, wear warmer clothes and not use coal stoves to heat closed rooms. In addition, schools should grant days-off based on specific kinds of weather.

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