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Street dance event kicks off in Hanoi



Dance Dance Asia Chao Hanoi

A street dance project ‘Dance Dance Asia ―Crossing the Movements 2019,’ created by a group of dancers and directors from across Asia is hitting Hanoi Oct. 24-26, according to DTI News.

After initial success in Japan at the Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre in mid July, the group from countries including Vietnam, Japan,  Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand will meet in Hanoi to perform a series of innovative dance and music.

‘Dance Dance Asia’ started in 2014 and aims to foster creative exchange in Asia through the performing arts.

The group plan to tour nine different Asian areas with 400 performers and gaining over 30,000 spectators, moving to Bangkok in Thailand after the Hanoi leg.

Hanoi will showcase three different lead choreographers- Nikii (Thailand), kEnkEn (Japan) and Pham Khanh Linh (Vietnam), fusing a wide range of genres and styles to create and energizing unique crossover event.

The event was created as part of the Japan Foundation Asia Center’s Asia in Resonance 2019 program, and tickets can be purchased for Vietnam’s Japan Foundation Center for Cultural Exchange.

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