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Hanoi to ensure supply for demand during Tet



Vietnam Market

Demand for necessities such as meat, rice and vegetables skyrockets during the Tet holiday, and authorities in Hanoi are working with local businesses to ensure that there is enough supply, Intellasia has reported.

The Market Stabilization Program will prevent price surges and provide an extra seven to 25% of total food and commodities. The program works to meet the growing demand that Hanoi sees during the Lunar New Year and to make sure that customers are not overcharged for products in short supply.

In the program there is a total of 23 units of food and goods at a total value of 121 trillion VND. Hanoi will also be host to nine local product fairs, 300 mobile selling points, 807 safe fruit selling points and 36 Tet fairs. The city has asked that agencies to keep enough pork as this is the most popular meat during Tet.

There are 454 wet markets, 110 supermarkets and more than 1,700 convenience stores in Hanoi and around 1,000 will be open during the Tet holiday from Jan. 23-29.

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