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Vietnam introduces 6 new laws for 2020



Vietnam Police Motorcycle 2007

Six new laws will take effect in Vietnam in 2020, Vietnam News has reported. They are the Law on the Prevention and Control of Alcoholic Beverages’ Harmful Effects, the Law on Animal Husbandry, the Law on Enforcement of Criminal Judgments, the Law on Public Investment, the Law on Management and Use of Weapons, and the law on Crop Production.

Starting Wednesday, driving vehicles under the influence of alcohol will be officially banned. Currently, drivers are allowed to consume alcohol before driving as long as they are under the limit.

A new law protecting animals will be put in place. This will ban the mistreatment and abuse of livestock, and provide provisions for humane treatment, adequate food and water, making sure the animals do not feel pain or fear, and ensuring that they are not slaughtered in front of other animals.

A humane advance in criminal enforcement will come in to force. Groups of prisoners that should be held separately will now include LGBT convicts and prisoners with children under three years old. These at-risk groups will be added to the current groups held separately: women, under-18s, foreigners, people with infectious diseases and people with mental illnesses.

Within public investment a new law will exempt certain projects from investment policy requirements. These projects include the prevention, control and mitigation of consequences of disasters and diseases; ensuring national defense, security and foreign affairs; and national target programs.

A law adding new definitions of “military weapons” and other weapons will be implemented.

Finally, those trading plant varieties must have a legitimate business in order for the plants’ origins to be traceable.

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