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Vietnam performs first successful intestine transplants



Vietnam Doctor

Vietnam performed its first successful case of intestine transplants between two live patients on the morning of Oct. 31, according to the director of Vietnam Military Medical University, VN Express has reported.

This surgery makes Vietnam one of 22 countries in the world that has carried out this transplant technique. Until now, there have only been 1,000 cases recorded.

One patient was a young man who suffered from peritonitis and colonic necrosis, who nearly had to have her small intestine completely removed. As opposed to the typical healthy intestine length of 6m, she only had 20 cm left.

The other patient also had peritonitis and had previously undergone several operations to cut off his small intestine, with only 80 cm remaining.

Military doctors along with experts came to the diagnosis that the transplant was the final hope for both patients.

“If they do not have a bowel transplant, they face a high risk of complications related to vein nourishment such as infection, liver damage, wasting, and death at any time.” said Director Do Quyet.

The surgery was successful, and both patients are now at home resting. The surgeries mark a promising development in the nation’s health sector.

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