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Trash piles up on Hanoi Streets




Bags and bags of domestic trash have been piling up on Hanoi sidewalks, particularly on Yen Phu and Au Co. In certain places, the piles are over a meter tall, stretching for hundreds of meters. The pungent smell has caused much discomfort for pedestrians, VN Express has reported.

Similarly, in Nam Tu Liem District, dozens of garbage trucks are gathered on Tran Huu Duc road. The trucks gathered right next to the My Dinh National Athletics Center and in front of a large apartment building, causing a huge inconvenience. Though much was removed last night (Nov. 18), bin juice from garbage bags staining the road surface has still not been cleaned, leaving a stench.

Hanoi generates approximately 6,500 tons of garbage every day, 89% of which is buried, and the rest burnt. The capital uses 20 companies to be in charge of the collection, maintenance, and transport of the city’s waste. 

Image courtesy of VN Express.

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