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Hanoi to roll out chip-mounted identity cards



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Hanoi launched procedures to provide identity cards with chips attached for citizens in all districts today, VN Express has reported.

The process of providing personal information for the cards takes less than 10 minutes.

People go to the police station of the district and provide their full names and old identity cards. Police then look up the information in the system, scan their fingerprints, and take a portrait photo. All the data is then printed out and given to reidents for confirmation. Finally, people are sent new identity cards to their homes.

The new chip-mounted identity cards will contain 20 fields of information managed by the Ministry of Public Security, including name, date of birth and hometown, etc. Data about taxes, customs, insurance and driving license, etc. will also be integrated.

This new card is expected to meet the demand for administration reform, develop electronic government, and lessen the number of paper documents required for administrative formalities.

Until now, the chip-mounted identity card model been waiting on the official permission of higher authorities. It is expected that in January 2021, new cards will be mass-produced and shipped to citizens.

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