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Vietnamese high schools to teach Cyber Security Law



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From this year onwards, 10th graders will be taught Cyber Security Law within the scope of their Defense and Security course, VN Express has reported.

Effective from Jan. 11, in addition to learning about the history and traditions of the Vietnamese armed forces, and studying laws on defense and emergency preparations, the students will have to cover cyber security. They are expected to know the basic concepts of network, cyber security, and confidentiality of personal information in cyberspace.

The 10th graders will also need to understand the basics of the Law on Cyber Security; as well as knowing how to keep personal information confidential, and to be alert to malicious activities online.

The Cyber Security Law was passed by the National Assembly in 2018 and became effective from Jan. 1, 2017. The law has 7 chapters and 43 articles, which served to protect network security and important information on national security.

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