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Hanoi’s 1st metro train to arrive next month



Metro 2

The first train on the Nhon-Hanoi Railway Station route will arrive from France on Oct.28 for display in November this year, VN Express has reported.

It is the first among 10 trains expected to arrive in Vietnam at the beginning of next year. The entire train is just over 78 meters long and can hold up to 950 passengers, with areas designed for disabled people.

According to the Hanoi Metropolitan Railway Management Board, the train will be tested for safety for a few months. If all goes to plan, the train will be in commercial use by early 2021.

As of August, the route is 65% completed, while the elevated section 80% done. 

It operates on the elevated track for 8.5 km from Nhon (Nam Tu Liem district) to Kim Ma (Ba Dinh district), and underground for the remaining 4 km from Kim Ma to Hanoi Railway Station.

Starting in 2017, the construction has been long delayed, costing up to 1.55 billion U.S. dollars. With the route, the government seeks to ease heavy traffic congestion.

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