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Hanoi to open up more rapid bus routes




As the city’s metro system is being put into commercial use, Hanoi plans to integrate more busy transit routes (BRT) with other public transport systems in the city, according to VTV.

The Hanoi Department of Transport has announced that by the year 2030, the BRT system will consist of eight routes: Kim Mã – Lê Văn Lương – Yên Nghĩa (about 14 km); Ngọc Hồi – Phú Xuyên (27 km); Sơn Đồng – Ba Vì (20 km); Phù Đổng – Bát Tràng – Hưng Yên (15 km); Gia Lâm – Mê Linh (30 km); Mê Linh – Sơn Đồng – Yên Nghĩa – Ngọc Hồi – QL5 – Lạc Đạo (53 km); Ba La – Ứng Hòa (29km); and Ứng Hòa – Phú Xuyên (17km).

The feasibility of the plan is still being tweaked and assessed as the first BRT route had mixed results on implementation.

When the city metro system is put into use, the BRT system and other public transport systems will be inter-connected, creating a transport network aimed at providing cheap and convenient service for every citizen in the city.

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