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Hanoi considers dog-walk ban on pedestrian streets



Hanoi People 33

Local authorities of Vietnam’s capital may impose a total ban on all dog-walking, whether the pet is free roaming or on a leash on pedestrian streets by Hoan Kiem Lake, VN Express has reported.

The pedestrian zone prohibits all vehicles around Hoan Kiem Lake area, including approximately 12 streets, from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m. during the weekends.

According to assessment, The Hanoi People’s Committee also requires individuals and organizations occupying the lakeside walking space to dress appropriately and to not use foul language.

Activities like swimming and fishing in the lake, parking in the sidewalk or street vendors selling will also be prohibited.

The space is usually filled with a variety of loud and lively performances, such as magic tricks, games, singing or dancing. Due to the noise level, local authorities will soon no longer allow such activities.

Those who wish to perform must get a permit at least five days in advance.

The popular streets were temporarily closed on Aug. 21, due to worries over virus transmission as the second wave of Covid-19 hit the country. It reopened to the public on Sept. 19.

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