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Dragon Fitness: get toned while kicking ass

Get fit and in shape with your own personal trainer



A couple of men drive around on motorbikes, flagging people down and handing out business cards; next to Sunrise bar, a couple of women stand outside doing the same. The staff at Dragon Fitness are excellent at guerilla marketing, and it works. They had me signed up for a free trial lesson in no time.

A friendly receptionist will sit you down and asks you a few questions: whether want to burn fat quickly, gain muscle, tone certain body parts, learn self-defense or all of the above. Next, you start a private session with one of four experienced trainers. My trainer Andrey was approachable but tough with bulging muscles, and specializes in boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai, and has even entered the ring for several competitions.  

Trainer Andrey at Dragon Fitness

Andrey effortlessly makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, and has a natural feel for how hard he can push you, taking care to ask how you are feeling, if you need water and, importantly, reminding you when to breathe.

Within the first hour, we went through footwork, punches and ducking. By the end of the session you will great (though a little tired) from the physical exercise and new knowledge gained on boxing technique.

The facilities here are strong, including punch bags, weights, a boxing ring, changing rooms, shower and a sauna. If desired, the trainer will even give you a light massage to ensure your muscles are feeling good at the end of the session.

Dragon Fitness help you to stay focused

You can book sessions for any time of day. Choose between different packages, with 50-120 personal trainer sessions ranging in cost from 15 million to 30 million VND (or 250,000-300,000 per one hour session), including use of the gym, weights, sparring with a friend, or relaxing sauna.

If you go on vacation for a month, the sessions never expire, and when you return you can get right back on it. Dragon Fitness has several locations throughout Hanoi, so you can find the one most convenient for you.

Exercise is an important element to include in your lifestyle and having a personal trainer really pushes you to meet your goals. Self-defense, especially for women, is an important skill, and Dragon Fitness offers professional, approachable service to help you meet all your goals and even show you how to kick some ass.

35/52 Tô Ngọc Vân, Tây Hồ
+84 352 350 790

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