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[Review] Oldie Chum: a Hanoi cafe curio

A charming spot for a caffeine fix in the heart of Ba Dinh District



Oldie Chum Cafe Hanoi 3

Set back in a small alleyway in Ba Dinh District, Oldie Chum is a cafe that is hard to characterize. Quaint. Colorful. Hip. It is hard to be sure. A little pug and an even tinier cat only add to the surreal qualities of this unusual little nook of a bar.

Oldie Chum Cafe Hanoi

Quite why it is called Oldie Chum is unclear, neither is the purpose of the cutesy small hand-drawn decorations of what appear to be a monk, priest, rabbi and a Muslim (there is a punchline here somewhere), but that is half the fun of the place.

Oldie Chum Cafe Hanoi 4

Unusual fixtures here including raggedy cassette players, retro televisions, rotary telephones and acoustic guitars, give the place a nostalgic vibe that has been all the rage in Hanoi for several years now, which is all oddly set off with a curious mix of modern pop music and ambient dance tunes blazing out from a widescreen TV.

Oldie Chum Cafe Hanoi 5

Venture upstairs (shoes off first) and there are a couple of brightly decorated rooms with old books lining a couple of shelves for the perusal of patrons, as well as a couple of small balconies for those that like their coffee al fresco. The menu offers all of the classics of its genre, from potent coffees (25,0000- 40,000 VND) through to smoothies, teas, juices and a selection of snacks such as sunflower seeds, fermented pork and sweet potato fries (35,000 VND).

Oldie Chum Cafe Hanoi 1

The clientele here are mainly young artsy Vietnamese and the occasional foreigner looking confused by the delightful hotch-potch nature of it all. Oldie Chum is a wonderfully outre spot in Hanoi’s Ba Dinh District, likely to bemuse and delight in equal measure.

Oldie Chum Cafe Hanoi 7

Phố Yên Ninh 81, Quán Thánh, Ba Dinh
8 a.m.-11 p.m.
+84 (0) 983407722

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