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Internet agog at new Ong Tho condensed milk packaging



Cafe Ong Resize

The Vietnamese internet is going crazy discussing the new packaging of Ong Tho condensed milk, CafeBiz has reported. Unlike the familiar cans and paper packages, the new style looks like a toothpaste tube, complete with a cap at the bottom.

Although the design is not new for milk from foreign brands, Vietnamese milk brands generally do not use this type of package, which is usually the preserve of Thai or German brands. Vietnamese users seemed thrilled at the new look, heralding its creativity, convenience and general cuteness.

“This is an absolute game changer. It could revolutionize the way we think about condensed milk packaging,” said Carlos Ottery, a Hanoi based news editor, in desperate need of a quote.

No new information about the Ong Tho tube packaging has appeared on Vinamilk’s website or official fan page.

Image courtesy of CafeBiz.

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