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Young locals ditch city for countryside life




Tired of the fast-paced lifestyle of the city, Vietnam is seeing a rising trend in young people relocating to the countryside in search of a stress-free environment, VN Express has reported.

The 25-year-old lovebirds Thanh An and My Thuan moved from Saigon to Central Highlands to start a farming life along with their five dogs, where they grow coffee, macadamia, and different types of fruits. 

“I have not felt stress for a long time,” Thanh An said.

They are not alone in their search for an escape from city life. Unlike previous generations who migrate from the countryside to urban areas, a surging number of young people are doing the opposite, the report said.

In the past few years, Da Lat has welcomed 43,000 new settlers, with many running their own guesthouses or starting farms.

Similarly, Thanh Hoa Province has gained over 1700 graduates in the last eight years.

Beside a chance to escape from the stressful lifestyle, other appeals of ‘country living’ includes fresh air, less noise pollution, organic food, and being a good alternative to the increasingly competitive job market in the city.

However, many soon realize the dream lifestyle what they they had imagined. Some struggle with finding funds to start a business, and lack the skills and knowledge for agricultural work.

While it can be less mentally stressful, they are not always ready for intense physical labor. 

Lack of entertainment can lead to boredom, with many moving quickly back to the city.

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