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Vietnamese Women’s Museum

How women have helped shape the country



Throughout history women have played a powerful role in Vietnam. The celebrations during Vietnamese Women’s Day illustrate the country’s admiration for all that women do and have done throughout its history. The Vietnamese Women’s Museum showcases the strong effects women have had and how they continue to shape the country today.

A display of many traditional conical hats, all artistically colored, hang from the ceiling as you enter the museum. Here you can purchase an audio headset (30,000 VND) for a guided tour of the three permanent displays.

“Women in the Family,” explores marriage, birth and family life. “Women’s Fashion,” looks at the styles of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam and a variety of traditional techniques such as embroidering and Ikat dyeing. Finally, “Women in History” delves into historical figures such as the famous Trung sisters, while looking at women’s contributions in the South and the North from 1930-1975, as well as reunification and contemporary female heroes. A highlight of the museum is its examination of women’s role in the war: forming guerilla armies, taking care of wounded soldiers and operating intelligence operations.

The museum also includes specialized displays focused on Mau Mau, the Vietnamese worship of Mother God, as well as a rotation of contemporary art and exhibitions.

The museum’s website further explores women and their struggles in contemporary Vietnam. Included are: “Laughing Tears,” a collection of stories from women who have suffered domestic violence; “The Night is Bright” illuminates the harsh working life of migrants in Long Bien; and “Peaceful Place,” sheds light on the trafficking of women and children.

Expect to spend around 1-2 hours in the museum. Not far away is Hoa Lo Prison Memorial, Hanoi Opera House, and the well-known Hoan Kiem lake – make a day of it, learning the different histories of Vietnam and end with a relaxing walk around the beautiful lake.

36 Lý Thường Kiệt, Hàng Bài, Hoàn Kiếm
+84 24 3825 9936
8 a.m.-5 p.m. every day
30,000 VND/Audio guide 30,000 VND

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