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[Review] Arrow Motorcycle Helmets: protection with a twist

One of Hanoi’s leading stores for customized bike helmets



Motorcycle Helmets Arrow Chao Hanoi 5

Anyone that has lived in Hanoi for any length of time will know that one of the essentials to surviving in the city is the humble motorbike. Sure bicycles are fine, and cabbing in cars useful, but in Hanoi — like it or not — the motorcycle is king. But should you get yourself a bike, another essential will soon raise its head (sorry) — the motorcycle helmet.

Motorcycle Helmets Arrow

Now motorcycle helmets are not particularly difficult to find here –far from it — but finding one that is a little fun, stands out and has a bit of pizzazz can be tougher. If you want a helmet that offers something a little extra, you could do no worse than checking out Arrow, a funky motorbike accessory store in Ba Dinh. The first branch opened in Ho Chi Minh in 2013, with the Hanoi location now having been open almost three years.

Motorcycle Helmets Arrow Chao Hanoi 6

The vast majority of their helmets are custom made, bringing bright and shiny protection in an array of unusual designs. Want Stars and Stripes? Want a flaming eagle? Want to look like you are driving a motorbike in the 1920s? None of this will be a problem at Arrow. On top of their unique helmets, they offer other bike accessories such as gloves, visors, and goggles. Despite the cute customization, prices here are excellent, ranging from just 100,000 VND up to about 2 million. Most seemed priced around the 600,000 mark when Chào visited.

Motorcycle Helmets Arrow Chao Hanoi 8

Slightly confusingly, the store had an arrange of attire that did not seem to have too much to do with motorbikes, well tenuously perhaps. Colorful socks, garish boxer shorts, skinny jeans– all were available at Arrow.

Motorcycle Helmets Arrow Chao Hanoi 7

If you are looking for a motorbike helmet with a bit of style and character, Arrow is well worth a look. Staff are super friendly, English-speaking and happy to give tips on any motorbike related stuff around town.

80a Tran Phu, Ba Dinh
+84 (0) 93 343 49 22

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