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Hanoi Botanical Gardens

Take in some local life in this calm, green oasis



Chao Hanoi Botanical Garden 4

Botanists might be a touch disappointed with the offerings here, as this green oasis in the heart of the city is more of a small, tranquil park than a botanical garden. Bit it does provide a lush, quiet city getaway among the hustle and bustle of the charming concrete jungle that is Hanoi.

Chao Hanoi Botanical Garden 3

Here there are not so many flowers, but an abundance of truly majestic trees including beautiful banyans, Bald cypresses, Rain trees, Bastard poons, and exotic Pithrajs. The tropical plans here provide a great place to idly sit on a shady bench and just people watch.

Hanoi Botanical Garden 2020

And at any time of the day you will see locals doing gentle exercises, children running carefree, small groups playing team games, joggers, painters, and couples posing for wedding photos. Despite this park’s calmness it is nevertheless teeming with life. It is a near perfect spot for dog walking.

Hanoi Botanical Garden Dogs

And at any time of the day you will see locals gently jogging, children running carefree, small groups playing team soccer, painters, couples posing for wedding photos and more. Despite this park’s calmness it is teeming with life.

Hanoi Botanical Gardens

This elegant lung of Hanoi, Bach Thao (meaning ‘hundred of plants’), was established in 1890 by the French and originally stretched over 33 hectares, but has since been squeezed to a mere 10 to make room for what we know as Ba Dinh. The park is clean well-kept, clean, and the mini-lake provides the simple attraction of pigeon island, which as you might imagine is teeming with pigeons.

Hanoi Botanical Garden

Though not one of Hanoi’s major attractions the garden is a wonderful place to come for a calm, quiet walk or to laze away an hour or two with a book and take in all the green.

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3 Hoàng Hoa Thám, Ngọc Hồ, Ba Đình, Hà Nội
2,000 VND

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