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Vietnam’s Supreme People’s Court takes on brand new look



VN express

The new headquarters of the Supreme People’s Court (located in Hoan Kiem Fistrict) has recently wrapped up 400 days of construction, VN Express has reported.  

The headquarters on Hai Ba Trung street contain six floors and four basements and was built over 6,400 square meters. The new building resembles the neoclassical style, complementing the old French-built headquarters.

Both buildings form a unified complex, with one side facing Ly Thuong Kiet street, and the other facing Hai Ba Trung street. The Justice Garden resides at the center of the complex, detailed with a stone carving of the word Tâm, which means heart.

The two buildings are symmetrical through the central axis, creating an aesthetic balance. The main courtroom resides on the sixth floor.

A dome ceiling takes advantage of the natural lighting, aiming to symbolize the independence and transparency of the court. The largest hall, reserved for important conferences, can sit up to 600.

Construction began on Sept. 17, 2019, and has just been finished. It will soon be put into use and it is hoped it will become a symbol of pride of in Hanoi. 

Image courtesy of VN Express.

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