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Editorial Staff at Chào Hanoi

Chào Hanoi Staff

Hanoi International Fellowship: A Beacon of Faith and Community for Expatriates

Glen MacDonald

[Weekend Getaways] The rolling hills of Soc Son

Stephanie Lilly

Hanoi cafe always open for Potterheads

Chao Hanoi News

Women in Tay Ho increasingly victims of sexual assault

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[Days gone by] Most bizarre trend of early 20th century Vietnam: ultra-long fingernails

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After Dark in Hanoi: Uncovering the Best Bars, Clubs, and Online Casinos

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[Weekend Getaways] “We just wanted to get drunk and start a fire”

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[Review] ATH Invisible Event: Blocked Hanoi!

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The names behind the Hanoi Streets: Nam Cao

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Why is Hanoi such a dating nightmare?

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A portrait of an artist by Hoan Kiem Lake

Dezan Shira & Associates

Investment in Vietnam: a year in review, outlook for 2021

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[Review] Serein Cafe & Lounge: a perfect view of the tracks

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Stand-up comedy in Hanoi is no laughing matter

Phuong Pham

Some of Hanoi’s best date options

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[Video] Light Wind Land – Hanoi

Jeremiah Jenne

The Great Hanoi Rat Hunt

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New lease of life for Hanoi’s heritage buildings

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[Column] The love is the thing

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5 beautiful birds common to Hanoi

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The chessmen of Hanoi

Lotus Chen

[Interview] Up and coming Vietnamese filmmaker Ha Kin discusses her work

Sam Paterson

“There was one time I had a really drunk foreign customer”

Augustus John Roe

Fists, kicks and swords: an intro to Vietnam’s martial arts

Eoin Brophy

[Film Review] Cyclo: a dazzling look at the margins of a city

Nghia Nguyen

Helping Hanoi’s Homeless

Carlota Torres Lliró

Covid-19 causing spike in human trafficking in Vietnam

Ngoc Anh

Badass women of Vietnamese history: Hanoi Hannah

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A sneak peek at Hanoi’s open-mic music scene

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Olympic athlete talks rowing in Hanoi

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Notes on leaving Hanoi

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Mỹ Sơn Sanctuary: where mystery and history meet

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24-hour drinking in Tay Ho’s ‘Valley of the Damned’

Paul McDougal

Pleasures, pitfalls and perspectives: cycling in Hanoi

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I beep therefore I am

Mark Barnes

[Opinion] I’m sorry your relationship didn’t work out but can you please keep it off social media?